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E-Mail Mailbox Limit of 50 Megabytes for kmtel.net users


The amount of storage available on our servers for your e-mail account is limited to 50 Megabytes or 50 Meg. E-mail service is a service to send and receive mail not to store it permanently. This limit is for mail on our server only, not mail that you have downloaded and now resides on your computer. 50 Meg's is a very large amount of storage. These very large accounts slow down the mail servers during backup and may cause times when mail cannot be sent or received.


In our experience, when mailboxes become this large it typically indicates one of these possible causes: 

  1. Your mailbox is not being checked or used.

  2. You use Web Mail and do not retrieve your mail from our server and you do not delete any old messages.

  3. Your computer’s email program is accidentally set to “leave mail on server”.  To check if this is the case, within your Outlook Express Email program choose:

o         Tools

o         Accounts

o         Select the Mail tab and highlight your mail account

o         Click Properties on the right

o         Click the Advanced tab at top

o         There should NOT be a check next to “Leave a copy of message on server”


We want you clean up your mailbox so it only contains the messages you need there. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this situation at 402-482-5220.


If you have been notified and have reduced you storage to under 50 Meg, reply to the email notice. If you do not reduce the amount of mail to under 50 Meg, the server will begin rejecting or bouncing new messages sent to you. These messages will be returned to the sender saying your mail box is full.  If you continue to leave over 50 Meg in your mailbox, we reserve right to erase all the mail.