K & M Telephone Company, Inc.
101 South Victoria Street, PO Box 187
Chambers, Nebraska 68725

office (402) 482-5220
fax (402) 482-5700

K&M Telephone Company Internet Pricing

Internet Broadband Service is available in Chambers, Inman, and Amelia for customers receiving telephone service from us. 

Broadband Tier Pricing:
K&M Internet Service

ADSL2+, **VDSL2, or **Fiber service availability:
*10 Mbps tier: ------------------ $49.95
*20 Mbps tier: ------------------ $74.95
**25 Mbps/3 Mbps tier: ------- $82.45
**25 Mbps/10 Mbps tier:----- $107.45

For limited service availabilty:
$44.95 for speeds up to 768Kbps/768Kbps SDSL
$49.95 up to 5 Mbps ADSL

$10.00 Internet installation.  An additional $25.00 DSL installation charge is waived if service is kept for a 6 month period.  Additional charges may apply for filters, wiring, jacks, and cords at the customer's location. **Compatible modem may be purchased by customer or monthly CPE charge will apply.

Web Hosting

Regular Host $5.00.
Full Commercial Host with 2 email addresses $29.00.
E-Mail with Commercial Host over the 2 included - per address $1.00.
The hosting service does not include design or modification of web pages. Contact the business office for set up charges. Call 402-482-5220 or e-mail to kmaccts@kmtel.net.

All prices are subject to change
*Broadband plans are subject to customer location and equipment provisioned for service. No blocking, throttling, or application-specific or affiliated or paid prioritization practices are in place for lawful, end-user internet traffic. Peak usage redundancy policies are in effect to address congestion management issues. Refer to the internet application for concerns with equipment access security and authentication as well as specific pricing, privacy, internet usage terms, and available remedies.