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Long Distance Services

K & M Telephone Company does not provide long distance services directly. However we do connect with long distance companies and customers are able to choose the long distance company they want to use. The K & M Telephone switching equipment directs your long distance calls to your selected company. Your Primary Interexchange Carrier or PIC will carry your calls. You will receive a bill from them. However customers PIC'ed to AT&T have a choice of getting a bill directly form AT&T or having the charges billed on their K & M Telephone bill. Accounts over 90 days old will have a service charge for any change in PIC status.

Here is a list of some long distance companies including their contact telephone numbers.

Carrier Name and Code

Telephone Numbers

AT&T [0288] 800-222-0300 or 800-222-0400 for Business Lines
MCI/WorldCom [0222/0555] 800-444-2222
CenturyLink  [0432] 800-860-2255 or 800-860-1020 for Business Lines

Freezing Your Long Distance Carrier

Long distance carriers are allowed to submit orders to us to change a customer's PIC. They are required to verify all orders. When we receive this type order we are required to immediately change the customer's PIC. However you can place a freeze on your account which will keep your current PIC until you release the freeze. If you would like to freeze or unfreeze your long distance PIC, please contact the business office and request that the freeze status of your account be changed. Call us at 402-482-5220 or email kmaccts@kmtel.net.