K & M Telephone Company, Inc.
101 South Victoria Street, PO Box 187
Chambers, Nebraska 68725

office (402) 482-5220
fax (402) 482-5700

K&M Telephone Company Trouble Reporting

To report any telephone trouble contact us at the business office at 402-482-5220. After hours voice mail will answer and record your trouble. Voice mail will also provide emergency call out numbers. You may also send us an email report.

Call Completion to Rural Areas - There is a known problem completing calls to rural areas including cellular calling. The Federal Communications Commission or FCC is working on this issue. See their web site FCC Web for a good description of this issue. This web page also gives instructions on how to report call completion trouble to the FCC. Currently the best way to fix a call completion issue is for the person making the call report the trouble to his telephone or cellular service provider. Usually the long distant carrier of the person calling can best fix the trouble.

Feel free to contact us with any issues with your telephone service. Thanks!