K & M Telephone Company, Inc.
101 South Victoria Street, PO Box 187
Chambers, Nebraska 68725

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The following are brief descriptions of our services.   Contact the Business Office for a complete description.

Business Access Line:  Dial tone to a business location.
Payphone Access Line:  Dial tone to a payphone.
Residence Access Line:  Dial tone to a residential location.
Additional Listing in Directory:  Adding a second listing for a telephone line.
Alerting and Conference System - Common Equipment:   Fire bar equipment.
Alerting and Conference System - Line:  Fire bar equipment.
Cable Pair Lease:  Used for non-telephone purpose.
Custom Calling Features
>3 - Way Calling:  Allows the first call to be put on hold so that a second call can be added.  All three parties can take part in the conversation.
>Anonymous Call Rejection:  Calls that arrive marked as private will be sent to a recording.  The called party will not know that a call was made.
>Automatic Call Back: When a busy line is called, you can have the telephone system notify you when the called line becomes idle.
>Call Forwarding (Always):  All calls to your number will be automatically sent to a number you select.
>Call Forwarding Busy: When your line is busy, calls will be automatically sent to a number you select.
>Call Forwarding Don’t Answer:  When you don't answer your line, calls will be automatically sent to a number you select.
>Call Forwarding – Selectively:  Only certain numbers that your choose will be automatically sent to a number you select.   Other calls will ring normally.
>Call Forwarding – Remote:  All calls to this number (does not include a line) will be automatically sent to a number you select.
>Call Forwarding Remote Access:  Allows you to program Call Forwarding when away from your telephone.
>Caller Identification - Caller ID Number:   The number of the calling party is displayed.
>Caller Identification - Caller ID Name:  The name of the calling party is displayed.
>Call Waiting:  If you are using your line and a second call arrives, a tone alerts you so that you can place the first call on hold and talk to the second caller.
>Call Waiting – Caller ID:  The caller ID displays Call Waiting calls.
>Distinctive Ring:  A second numbers is assigned to your line and calls to that number have a different ring.
>Selective Call Acceptance:  Only call from numbers you select will be completed.  Others will get a recording.
>Selective Call Distinctive Ring/Call Waiting:   Calls you select will have a special ring or call waiting tone.
>Selective Call Rejection:  Calls you select will be sent to a recording when they call your number.
>Single Number Service (UCM): Incoming calls ring additional lines or cell numbers.
>Speed Calling:
  Calls are made by using a 1 or 2 digit code.
>Terminating Call Manager: Restrict incoming calls especially marketing or machine originated calls.
>User Transfer:
  Used with 3-Way Calling; the first and third parties can keep talking after your hand up.
>Warm Line:  Your line automatically dials a selected number if you just pick up and wait for 30 seconds.
Direct In Dial Trunk:  A special line that forwards the number called to PABX equipment.
Direct In Dial Number Block: Associated with Direct In Dial Trunks
Foreign Listing in Directory:  Listings for someone outside K & M's exchanges.
Maintenance Agreement:  Repair of customer owned wire and jacks will be repaired by K&M.
Off Premises Extension:  Extension of your line to a different location.
Trunk Hunting:  Allows calls to a busy line to be switched to an idle line.
Unlisted Telephone Number: Your telephone number will not be given out.
Voice Mail:  Calls to your line when it is busy or you do not answer will be sent to our message service.  Messages can be review from anywhere.

Directory Assistance: Assistance in obtaining a telephone number


Central Office Wiring:  Connecting the outside cable to the switching equipment.
Construction Over 1/2 Mile:  A special construction charge when a new customer requires service over 1/2 mile from any current customer.
Network Interface:  Establishing a connection between the Central Office and the customer's wire.
PIC Selection or Change:  Any change of long distance carrier.
Premises Visit:  Traveling to the customer location.
Backup Battery:  Additional battery to purchase for fiber customer location.
Reconnect Relating to Payment:  Service Charge to reconnect because of payment reasons.
Returned Check:  Check returned from the bank.
Service Order:  Charge for changing billing and other records.
Standard Programming:  Normal programming of switching equipment.
Testing Service - Customer Premises:  Service call to the Customer when the trouble is located in the Customer's equipment or wiring and the Customer does not have a Maintenance Agreement.

Nebraska Telephone Assistance Program & Lifeline Service:  A monthly credit on the telephone bill for qualified customers.  More Information. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office.